Vibra-Tite Anti Cam-Out Drive Grip Fluid

Vibra-Tite Anti Cam-Out Drive Grip Fluid


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Vibra-Tites line of threadlockers, glues, sealants, compounds and lubricants provide world class technology to deliver products that are inline or exceeed Mil-Spec standards. Design for defence applications, mining engineering and industrial servicing, Vibra-Tite has a product for your application. Contact us for further information regarding bulk buys for even more savings.

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High end anti cam-out fluid to increase grip between the tool and fastner for upto 700%. Reduces wear and tear in fastners and tools and designed to help remove rounded and reduce cam out in fastners, especially in hard to reach areas.In a convenient 15ml blister pack. This product is available in bulk and different sizes for different industries needs.


  • Assembly aid to help prevent fastener slippage.
  • Minimizes drilled-out-screws, easy-outs, and retapping.
  • Increases grip between fastener head and tool by up to 700%.
  • Virtually eliminates tool wear and deforming of fasteners.