Vibra-Tite 314 General purpose Instant Superglue Plastic Bonder

Vibra-Tite 314 General purpose Instant Superglue Plastic Bonder


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Vibra-Tites line of threadlockers, glues, sealants, compounds and lubricants provide world class technology to deliver products that are inline or exceeed Mil-Spec standards. Design for defence applications, mining engineering and industrial servicing, Vibra-Tite has a product for your application. Contact us for further information regarding bulk buys for even more savings.

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General super glue suitable for bonding most materials. Surface insensitive for strong quick repairs. Whether its gluing your model aeroplane, trying to glue velcro to your helmet or your broken Night Vision Goggle mount at the last minute to get you through the night, this is great glue to have in your gear or locker or around the home for the unexpected. If you use Loctite 401, you will be familiar with its excellent adhesive properties.

WARNING - Yes we do have to say it. This stuff is super strong glue. DO NOT get this on your skin or in eyes. It bonds instantly and you will need to seek immediate medical attention.


    • Developed to bond plastics and other material
    • Clear Colour
    • Aproximate viscosity: 110 cP
    • Shear strength 3,200 PSI
    • Fixture time: 20 Seconds
    • 15ml Bottle
    • Compares to Loctite 401