Padlock Bypass Shim Set of 10

Padlock Bypass Shim Set of 10


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Action Gear lock pick shims are a great way to bypass a lock. Just find the right size for the lock you are using and twist and presto its open! Works really well on those Chinese made locks.

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So what is a Padlock shim you ask? Well Padlock shims are formed pieces of thin yet stiff spring steel  designed to take advantage of mechanical imperfections & tolerances in the latching design of some popular models of locks. Our padlock bypass shim assortment for padlock opening comes with 5 of the most common shackle diameters, enabling the shims to open a wide variety of locks. 2 sets of each size. Total 10 Piece in the kit.

Made from spring steel, this 10 piece set of padlock bypass lock shims are a great way to bypass a lock for the lost key you may have misplaced. The padlock shims are easy to use and can be used for years as they are made from quality spring steel. Look at the video below to learn more about lock bypassing for lost keys.

Keep in mind that padlock shims are very effective for opening nearly all cheap padlocks in record time and in seconds. While padlock shims are inexpensive and easy to use, they have limited effectiveness on high-quality locks especially ball type locks used on higher quality locks. Anyone truly interested in safeguarding valuables or their expensive gear would never rely on a cheap padlock alone to do the trick, as these models offer only minimal protection against thieves and would be burglars. 


  • Made from spring steel
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Several sizes to use
  • 10 Piece Set
  • Actual shims may differ from stock pictures shown

Picks will not be sold to people under the age of 18 years of age. Picks and lock picking accessories are sold only for education purposes. Please check relevant laws in your state on the purchase and usage of lock picks.


Note: The Picks you will receive will differ from the video below. It is only to be used as a guide to the picks you are purchasing and actual products will differ due to different manufactures. It is a good guide on using the padlock shims lock bypass tools however.