Stainless Steel Wire Key Ring - 2 Pack

Stainless Steel Wire Key Ring - 2 Pack


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The stainlees steel wire key ring loop holds an array of tools, keys, lockpick jigglers and all your small type items. Can also be used as a lanyard retention devcice to attach weapons or knives to belt kit via a universal lanyard retention system.

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Stainless Steel wire loop key ring

A great handy set of rings devised to hold all your keys, tools, lock pick sets and many other items you may need to organize. 55mm in diameter when closed in loop form.

A handy great stainless ring that can hold all your accessories without the fear of losing them, or if you just require a universal system that is easy yet strong to hold your keys all tools. Great for attaching external items to backpacks as well while you hiking. Comes in set of 2 Rings so you can deploy them where you need to.

The wire loop key rings are built super strong and designed to last. Grab a a few of these stainless steel key rings  today to tidy up your loose ends in your toolbox or gear bag and stay organised when your travelling around the globe.