Accusharp Knife Sharpener

Accusharp Knife Sharpener


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The Accusharp knife sharpener is a great tool to keep in the toolbox or fishing box to keep your knives sharp. Keep the Accusharp knife sharpener in your garage to sharpen your array of knifes around the house from your kitchen knives down to your SOG tanto knife and everyday Leatherman or VICTORINOX.

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Available from the maker of the world's best knife sharpener comes another fantastic sharpening tool thats easy for the entire crew to use - The SharpNEasy Two Step Ceramic Knife Sharpener by Accusharp. The ceramic rods include a brown ceramic coarse side and the other side a white for fine sharpening, are what you need to care for and maintain your various blades around the house or in your gear. The two built in stages allow for the proper angle for the knife to sharpen correctly every time by having the two built in ceramic rods molded into the base.

The Two Step Sharpener also has over molded grips for ease of use. The over molded build process of the sharpener allows the user to have a comfortable and secure grip while sharpening and is easy to use no matter how big or small the blade.

Accusharp Features

  • Bright Orange in colour
  • Fine and Coarse rods
  • Palm Sized, easy to handle
  • Great for kitchen knives as well
  • Fast and razor sharp edges achieved
  • Sharpen those old dull knives sitting around
  • Can be used in Sog Knifes, Leathemans, Gerber Knives, CRKT knives etc 
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