.50 CAL Bullet Man Cave Bottle Opener

.50 CAL Bullet Man Cave Bottle Opener


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The ultimate man cave accessory! The .50 Cal bottle opener is made from a real .50 bullet and machined and made into a heavy duty bottle opener. This is the bottle opener of all bottle openers to impress your mates over your bar. Great as a gift for fathers day or a birthday present, as these are not easily available, and are limited in stock.

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.50 cal bullet bottle opener - man cave worthy!

What's more manly than drinking a beer? Drinking a beer that you opened with a bullet used in real weapon, used by real Warriors. Unless it's a light beer, then you might be a little bit of a pussy. But we don't judge, and at least you opened that beer with a .50 cal bullet!


The bullet opener is made from a genuine bullet like the ones used in .50 Machine guns and .50 cal sniper rifles. Its 138mm long in length with the head diameter being 12.7mm (.50 Cal of Course)!

A rare find as we can only get our hands on a few of these from the supplier, however, will be a great addition to the man cave or a gift for the Warrior! The other cool thing about these, is you can have them engraved as per the picture in many different configurations at your local engraver.

This .50 Cal Bottle Opener is hands down the best way to open a beer. Literally, the amount of leverage you get from this beautifully machined bullet makes it super easy to crack open a fresh one. Last time we had these they sold fast, so jump onboard and crack that beer with a .50 Cal!!