Vibra-Tite 906 Marine Grade Anti-Seize 454g Boat / Engine Lubricant

Vibra-Tite 906 Marine Grade Anti-Seize 454g Boat / Engine Lubricant


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Maintenance of marine equipment can be costly. Especially when salt and water are a constant part of the equpments daily running life. Vibra-Tites 906 Marine grade Anti-Seize has been speciically formulated to meet the daily demands of salt water and marine use to prevent degredation of your boat, jet ski, yacht, engine, boat trailer or even your super yacht!

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VIBRA-TITE 906 marine grade ANTI-SEIZE lubricant - 16 OZ (454 GRAMS)

Whether you own a Bayliner Runabout, Ski Boat, Jetski or a racing yacht, maintenance is the key to keeping your asset ready for use. For high end boat maintenance, make sure your boat is protected in season in water and out of the season in the dry docks. Protects assemblies exposed to fresh and salt water. Works well in high-humidity conditions like northern Australia in places like Darwin, Townsville or Cairns where humidity is constant and boats are part of everyday life.

In use by the Australian Navy and Marine contractors, this item has now been added to ChemAlert for use in service environments. 

Has NO metals and IS NOT a marine pollutant unlike other brand marine lubricants. Contains Molybdenum Disulfide for extreme pressure applications. Use in extreme temperatures up to 2,600°F (1,427°C). 

Vibra-Tite 906 is a unique anti-seize compound composed of a blend of non-metallic anti-friction materials specially formulated for marine or offshore environments. This mixture of MoS2 and complex base grease bond to metal surfaces, fill voids and imperfections on the surface shielding sliding components from interference making assembly and
dis-assembly easy without damage to the nut or bolt.

906 Anti-Seize is recommended for the following applications:
• Boiler covers
• Release paste for raised face gaskets
• Heat exchanger bolts

• Door track lubricant for sliding doors
• Centrifugal pump shaft lubricant
• Bolt lubricant for engine assembly
• Anything needing lubrication for threaded fasteners

Product  features

  • General purpose lubricant for threads, gears, chains, cables, rollers.
  • Easy to apply
  • Propriety product exclusive to Vibra-TITEs range
  • Suitable for Boats, Engines, Boat Trailers, Yachts, Ships, Jetskis, Ruabout, Kayaks 
  • NEW in Australia
  • Cost effective
  • On ChemAlert data base
  • Not a pollutant - Help Protect our fantastic Australian environment!
  • Meets and exeeeds Mil-Spec standard MIL-PRF-907E for lubricants.

additional information


Viscosity (cP)100,000, Paste
Type:Anti-Seize Lubricant
Container Type:Bottle - Brush Top
Container Size:16 oz (454 Grams)
Temperature:-65[DEG]F to 2600[DEG]F
Product Weight:500 grams
Applications:Marine environments in and out of season for protection during and out of the water.
Specifications Met MIL-PRF-907E