Self Bonding Amalgamating Weatherproof Rubber Tape

Self Bonding Amalgamating Weatherproof Rubber Tape


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The self bonding rubber tape is desinged for insulating and protecting joints and terminations of rubber and plastic cables operating at the voltage of 1-5kv. It is a weatherproof rubber tape than can be removed with no sticky residue left behind.

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Self bonding rubber tape for weatherproofing and insulation

This Self-amalgamating tape is a non-tacky silicone-rubber tape which when stretched and wrapped around cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes combines or unites itself into a strong, seamless, rubbery, waterproof, and electrically insulating layer. This is fantastic for uses around the home, or even better, around the 4wd or outdoor electrical connections where a layer of waterproofing is required. Great to use on all those antenna connections or repairs on you HF Radio, Satellite or CB radio to stop dust and water.

The tape it is heat, sunlight, and weather-resistant. This type of tape is also described, particularly in the United States, as "self-fusing" or "self-vulcanizing". In the US Air Force they call it centreline tape due to a coloured line running down the centre used to assist with even wrapping. It is also called F4, rescue, and fix-it tape.

This tape is a fantastic layer to add to outside cable joins such as connections that lead into antennas, and fantastic in sealing the joins on Codans HF 9350 auto-tune antenna connections on the outside of your vehicle to stop water ingress ruining your expensive radio communication gear that you may need to save your life in the Australia Outback.

To use, simply start at one end, and wrap around like normal tape, however stretch tightly around the join to ensure a smooth even overlap, and the tape will start to self fuse. Can stretch up to 200% of its original length. Add some slight heat from a heat gun to help in the fusing of the tape, otherwise, give it a few hours and the process will be well on its way.

Keep a roll in your car handy for the electrical joins and repairs, can protect electrical joins of up to 1KV and can sustain normal working temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. 

Comes in roll, 23mm x 4.6m x 0.08mm. – Grab one and add it to your gear for your next trip, or just to have in your tool box.