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An electronic hearing protector with features for military personal, hunters and shooters. Have hearing where you need it and shut it out when its not required, ideal for combat situations where voice commands and speech are vital yet hearing needs to be conserved in order to prevent long term hearing damage. This is the reason why the Australian Army has purchased Peltors to issue to its troops.

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peltor tactical RANGE GUARD hearing protection 

The all new Peltor Range Guard hearing pro, the new version replacing the Tactical 6S with better performance and features including a 3.5mm headjack compatible with most audio devices such as 2 Way Radios or MP3 players.

Featuring advanced electronics to enable communication in a shooting environment while also helping protect you from harmful gunshot noise, the Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protector provides everything you loved about the Peltor Tactical 6S Electronic Hearing Protector, but with superior performance, enhanced comfort features and improved user experience. With a number of improvements -- including an easy access battery door, single On/ Off/ Volume Control and 4-hour Auto Shut-off - The Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protector combines innovative 3M technology with the trusted Peltor Sport Brand to give shooters and hunters a truly improved hearing protection experience.

Whether its shooting, working in Industrial areas, hearing protection is a must. In order to hear critical noises around you, but to protect your ears, you need quality electronic hearing protection that is also light weight so you can wear on your head for long periods of duration.

The Australian Army knows and understands the need to protect their troops for constant high noise environments, that's why the military relies and uses Peltor hearing protection to protect against long term hearing damage. 

To hear weak sounds and at the same time be protected against loud noise is a formidable task, however, with the Range Guard, this becomes possible. Peltor Range Guard hearing pro effectively perceives and localizes weak sounds. A separate microphone, receiver, amplifier and volume control in each cup give the Peltor Range Guard hearing pro true stereophonic reception. Impulse noise is immediately attenuated. Assisted by an ”electronic vent,” the hearing protector will reduce hazardous impulse noises from firearms to harmless levels within five milliseconds. This eliminates the risk of hazardous noise reaching the ear with damaging effects. Peltor Range Guard is a hearing protector that listens when appropriate and also attenuates when needed. Tactical Peltor Range Guard hearing pro is a small, compact, fold-able hearing protector. When folded, the Tactical 6-S is transformed into the shape of a ball, small enough for storage in a pocket or a bag during transportation. Electronically suppresses sounds over 79 dB.

The Peltor Range Guard hearing protection are tested and approved in accordance with the new European standard pr EN 352-4 and also relevant parts of EN 352-1:1993. Lightweight. The low total weight of only 250g those who wear these all day will appreciate the lightweightness. Not withstanding the compact design, the new designed peltors have a unique capacity. 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries give the Peltors an outstanding 200 hours of service. In addition, Peltor Range Guard hearing pro, as all other Peltor hearing protectors, equipped with a unique spring steel headband that maintains attenuation better than ordinary plastic headbands and has been redesigned in the new model. Made by Peltor who is the world leader in hearing protection and communication in noisy environments.

Government and other organisations please contact us for large orders and other Peltor tactical systems available.



  • Single on/off volume
  • Suppresses impulse noises
  • Two AAA Batteries
  • 4 Hour Auto Shutoff
  • Easy access external batttery door
  • Lightweight at 250 grams
  • As used by the Australian Army
  • 200 hours on one set of batteries
  • In stock ready for delivery!
  • Amplifies low level noises
  • Dual volume Control
  • Folds for easy storage
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Input

The Peltor Tactical RANGE GUARD presents great value active hearing protection for shooters, soldiers and workers alike.