Princeton-Tec Byte Red LED Head lamp

Princeton-Tec Byte Red LED Head lamp


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With 35 lumens of power, the smal but bright headlamp is the ideal and small headlamp that also features RED Leds so your night vision wont be lost. If you are into night hunting, or just joined the Austraian Defence Force, a headlamp that is small and lightweight is just what you need.

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Think big by thinking small and powerful with the Princeton-Tec Byte Red LED Head lamp. The headlamp packs a powerful punch, with two bright, efficient LED bulbs producing 35 lumens of lighting power. The Maxbright LED is the Byte's long-range source, emitting a powerful white light that's useful for a range of tasks, from lighting the trail ahead to identifying markers in the distance and weighs only 64 grams!

Princeton-Tec Byte Red LED Head lamp is ideal for camping, climbing, hikingrunning, and a host of other outdoor activities, the Byte fits comfortably around the head thanks to its single bracket arm and comfortable elastic headband. Great for military or naval applications with its RED LED to preserve night vision. Small and lightweight durable design makes a great piece of equipment for army cadets or military members that require a small solid red led torch for use in the field on the next military excercise from Cultana Training Area to Mt Bundy right back to Shoalwater Bay in Queensland!

Byte RED LED headlamp Features

  • Power source: 50 Lumens
  • LAMP: White Maxbright LED, Red Ultrabright LED
  • BURN TIME: 146 Hours
  • BATTERIES: 2 AAA Alkaline or Lithium
  • WEIGHT: Only 64 Grams