Australian IR IFF Velcro Flag Patch

Australian IR IFF Velcro Flag Patch

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Infrared (IR) reflective Australian National Flags printed on honeycomb reflective material. The flags come with black Velcro backing and is suited for IFF identification. As used by Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan and other warlike environments.

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Australian soldiers working with coalition forces require good identification in complex environments. The Infrared (IR) reflective Australian National Flag (ANF) printed on honeycomb reflective material offers just that to seperate them from the rest of the crowd. The IR Flag comes with black Velcro backing. The flag is 54mm x 89mm. Under IR light illumination the Australian Flag image is clearly visible for IFF identification.

Designed to be mounted to the Australian DPCU or CRYE combat uniform on issue with Australian Diggers, the IR flag is a must for warlike environments. Note that the IR Australiain Flag is an export controlled item and will not be shipped overseas. An Australian AFPO address is accepted however. 


Dimensions: 54mm x 89mm

Velcro backing


Subdued ANF printed on IR material